We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality service available in a friendly, honest, ethical, caring and professional manner. We are known to our customers as a very friendly and a very comfortable business to work with. We understand that some people are not able to come into our store and pickup the meat so that’s why we provide our very well known delivery service to supply product to our customers.

  • Transportation

    Sultanet offers transportation to delivering around the world. This service is being realized by our qualified drivers with our deep freeze transporters by which even on longer distances the kebab remains deep frozen.
  • Job Flexibility

    This is where Sultanet special meats your recoming
  • Competitive Rates

    Our prices cater to your shop needs
  • We Come To You

    Servicing all around the world
  • Hours Flexibility

    Our mobiles are at your service 7/24
  • Urgent All Service

    We have on call service for the times when you needs us quickly
  • Peak Seasons

    No Problem! Our team is available even during the Holiday seasons
  • Free Quotes

    We will happily give you a free quote